Application Checklist

Application Checklist

2020 edition of the Festival has been postponed tentatively till the summer of 2021 !!!

  • Please submit the complete  online application form  by January 31, 2021 ; 
  • Mark all items you are including with your application!!! If you do not submit something, please explain.
  • 1 high definition available  photo should be also sent ONLINE using scan-email tool.
  • Application Fee EUR 110  bank to bank transfer only (non-refundable) is  due along with application, deadline by January 31, 2021 ( EUR 120 after January 31, 2021).

  • Deposit of EUR 700 (non –refundable) to reserve your place in the Festival (refundable in case of non-acceptance to the program), due by March 1, 2021 upon notification of acceptance ( EUR 100 late fee  after March 1). All payments must be in Euro ONLY and BANK TO BANK WIRE TRANSFER ONLY
  • Video/Audio Recording for instrumentalists (NOT older than 4 months, youtube link ONLY/youku for Chinese students, submitted ONLY ONLINE; you can include the links in your mail to us; it should contain two contrasting works (or sections of works) not exceeding 15 minutes.). NO recordings with amplification can be accepted and considered.

                       Recording is an OBLIGATORY item of every application.  No exception is possible !!!