Bank Transfer Information

Bank to Bank Transfer of Fees

All fees must be in Euros ONLY and per Bank to Bank Transfer ONLY to:

VIANDEN FESTIVAL (account holder/beneficiary)

Vianden Festival address:

Postfach 43
L-9901 Troisvierges
BGL  BNP PARIBAS (name of the bank)

50 Bv. J.F. Kennedy, L-2951 Luxembourg (address of the bank)
IBAN : LU 32 0030 3356 2539 0000 (international bank account number (starting from LU)
BIC (SWIFT) BGLLLULL (swift code of the bank)

NOTE: Please mark clearly all payments with name of VIANDEN FESTIVAL participant. Please, e-mail us information about payment, date, name, bank and amount.

Please indicate to  your bank that you will be responsible for all applicable transfer charges. Bank in Luxembourg charges 4,34 euros for the transfer of up to 2400,00 euros, 7,44 euros for the amount between 2400 and 6000 euro. Please add this amount as well as the transfer fee of your local bank to your transfer.  An  EXACT AMOUNT you owe us should come to our account. Thank you.