Bassoon: Christin Schillinger

Hailed as a “soloist, teacher, and force of nature” by The Double Reed (Journal of the International Double Reed Society), bassoonist Christin Schillinger specializes in the accessibility of the avant-garde, aiming to broaden the audience for both new music and bassoon. American Record Guide refers to her playing as “full of life and inspiration.” She plays [bassoon] with total mastery.” (Fanfare) Schillinger works closely with living composers. Her third solo album, to be released in 2018, highlights works from the 21st Century written in her dedication. Prior albums, Bassoon Transcended (2013) and Bassoon Surrounded (2009), produced for MSR Classics by Swineshead Productions, also include world-premiere recordings of new works for bassoon. Collaborative composers remark on her “natural interpretation” and “perfect musical choices.” To facilitate the demands of 21st -century compositions, Schillinger researches reed-making consistency. Her 2016 book, Bassoon Reed Making (Indiana University Press) details current and historic trends in this field. Schillinger’s groundbreaking research extends to guest lectures ad residencies throughout the United States and Europe. Schillinger is an active participant in the International Double Reed Society where she has published numerous articles and appears at Conferences regularly as a performer and lecturer. In addition, Schillinger co-hosted the 2012 Annual Conference and inaugural IDRS Teen Camp. Schillinger is on faculty at Ithaca College in New York. Previously, she held positions with Miami University, the University of Nevada, and various orchestras throughout the west. Schillinger received her degrees from Northwestern, Michigan State, and Arizona State Universities under the guidance of Bob Barris, Barrick Stees, Michael Kroth, Jeffrey Lyman, and Albie Micklich.

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