Program Information

2020 edition of the Festival has been postponed tentatively till the summer of 2021 !!!

August 2 – 16, 2021  

Students participate in an intensive two-week program offering a fantastic performing experience and training with the festival’s distinguished music faculty, comprised of many of the world’s renowned performers and teachers. A unique opportunity awaits students who are ready for professional performances and would like to perform in historic halls.

The program offers standard repertory training for students of piano, violin, viola, violoncello, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, french horn, trumpet, harp, guitar and voice; pre-formed chamber groups are encouraged to apply (we grant each member of preformed chamber group of 3 members and more 150 euro Discount under condition that all members of the group submitted complete Application, including Registration fee and Deposit within Deadline schedule: January 31st for the Registration fee and March 1st for Deposit). 

The preformed chamber group should consist of minimum 3 members and demonstrate a record of a reasonable term of working/performing together. Members of Preformed Chamber group who received 150 euro discount cannot be considered for any additional Financial aid.

Private lessons and chamber music coachings are led by the world-class international faculty. Pianists collaborate with other instrumentalists and singers.

The focal point of the festival is Chamber Music and nurturing of collaborative skills. Solo opportunities are reserved for the outstanding talents determined by the artistic leadership of the festival in consultation with the faculty. Students interested exclusively in solo opportunities are discouraged from applying.

Chamber music groups will be assigned based on the evaluation of participant´s Audition recording, as well as  faculty classifications, and will be grouped by ability level.

Each Student will receive repertoire assignments at least 6 weeks ahead of the the program start.

Aside from Vianden Festival-organized programs there is the opportunity to arrange extra individual or chamber lessons with any faculty member at an additional charge.

Vianden International Music Festival participants are advanced students from best conservatories and colleges of the North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, some outstanding young musicians (ages 9 through 14), if we have at least 3-4 of them, capable of handling chamber music assignments,  devoted music amateurs and some aspiring active professionals. There is no official restriction of the age.

Students are encouraged to attend all concerts and take advantage of performance opportunities.

Notifications of soloists, chamber music groups (on the basis of recording audition), and repertoire are e-mailed to each participant at least six  weeks before the festival. All students concert appearances are subject to faculty approval and at the discretion of the festival organizers. Everyone has to arrive with their parts learned and ready for rehearsal immediately. Participants are expected to stay in Vianden for the full two weeks, without absences.

We kindly ask all Festival guests (participants and visitors) to refrain from direct contacting the hotels regarding any booking issues. This is sole responsibility of the festival. The visitors related to any Festival participant or faculty are requested not to use any of the internet search engines to book the accommodations but to follow the Festival´s clearly outlined “Passive participants” policy.

The program will consist of:

  • Individual lessons (for all participants)
  • Chamber music coachings (for all participants)
  • Opportunity to perform solo works as well as chamber music (the focal point remains Chamber music) publicly at historic venues

We have chosen the slogan “The World meets in Luxembourg” to extend our warmest welcome to the musicians of various cultures, ethnic and musical backgrounds, gender and age. We sincerely hope that the time spent in Vianden will be productive, enjoyable and memorable for all of us.

Active participant with NON –PERFORMING status

For any student who was not accepted as an Active performing participant or applied after the deadlines, when the planning of the program has been completed, the Festival offers an Active NON- performing status.

For instrumentalists Non-performing status means an ability to attend all diction classes and musical rehearsals/coachings, play or consult any faculty personally  or to arrange with the any faculty on his/her instrument active participation in his/her studio class, receive 3 instead of regular 2 individual lessons per week from the teacher of his/her choice, as indicated in his/her respective application.

NON-performing voice students are entitled to attending all diction classes, receiving 1-2 individual  coachings and 1-2 stage craft sessions per week, attending and, upon consent of the relevant faculty, performing during the studio class, consulting privately any faculty in order to get some feedback and  receiving 3 individual voice lessons per week from the teacher of his/her choice, as indicated in his/her respective application.

For observers/visitors Vianden Music Festival offers the opportunity to participate in all program´s activities, except for participation in public concerts.

Embark upon a fascinating exploration of European history and cultural heritage. Discover the many architectural and musical beauties, share the excitement of attending concerts by Festival´s talented student performers. We welcome parents and friends of the participants and any other music lovers wishing to visit our program.

– EUR 1400 Observer/Visitor Fee plus 110 euro Registration fee per person is payable if a Student or Faculty is accompanied or visited by another person (parent, spouse, relative, partner, friend or guardian) or if anybody wishes to attend the Festival as an observer.

The “Observer/Visitor” fee is an unbreakable package, and  covers attendance  at some or all the classes and concerts (if wished so), room and half-board (double occupancy; single occupancy is available at supplemental fee), and access to all Festival activities and facilities. The fee for 3 to 7 days visit will be calculated at 50% or 700 euros plus 110 euro registration fee. The full fee of 1400 euro plus 110 euro Registration fee will be charged if the person´s visit lasts longer that 7 days. Short term Observers/Visitors of 1-2 days duration in total (1-2 overnight stays in the Hotel) and children up to the age of 12 are exempt from this policy.

If a short term visitor (1-2 days maximum)  related to any Festival participant or the faculty, wishes to join his contact person for a common lunch, served to all Festival participants and Faculty, he/she needs to inform Festival´s operation manager about his/her intentions and ask for a permission. Upon receipt of the consent, such visitor needs to pay to the operation manager 15 euro for the lunch in advance.

Short term visitors (1-2days maximum) are not allowed to enter any of the Festival´s teaching/rehearsal facilities or attend any lessons/rehearsals/coachings, unless a special permission has been granted by the Artistic Director of the Festival.

We ask anybody who intends to visit the Festival participant to inform us immediately and to follow the procedue as described below.

The applicants, who are subject to the “Observer/Visitor” long term status are required  to make ALL the arrangements EXCLUSIVELY through the Festival, regardless  type of activities they intend to pursue during the visit.

Observers/Visitors are required to  submit the initial section of the application (personal data) along with sections of the application requiring signiture, Health and Limits of Responsibility Forms, as well as 110 euro registration fee by January 31, 2021 (120 euro after January 31, 2021) and 700 euro deposit (800 euro after March 1,2021) by March 1st, 2021

For these players, Vianden Festival will provide opportunity to rehearse and perform with colleagues at the same level. Their ensembles will be carefully chosen and established according to ability and performing desires conveyed in the application form. The Festival will secure performing venue for the amateur musicians. Please make sure to evaluate your abilities appropriately in the Vianden Festival 2021 application form.

We made a great effort to provide our potential participants and guests with all relevant Information about our program on this website. We would very much appreciate that this Information will be read with utmost care and attention. We are always ready to assist but at the same time ask for you understanding that we shall be unable to answer any queries which are covered by the Information on the Website.