Saxophone: Guy Goethals

 Guy Goethals studied saxophone in Ettelbruck with Roger Meis, in Luxembourg with Roland Hensgen and in Bruxelles with François Daneels and Alain Crépin. He was laureate of the “Tenuto Competition” organized by the belgium Radio an Television. Since he is a violinist as well, his saxophone playing is now largely influenced by a strictly classical point of view: an absolut control of the tongue position and embouchure allows him to play with a clear and rich sound, a well-dosed vibrato and an excellent control of dynamics combined to a classical phrasing. Guy Goethals is performing as a soloist as well as in chamber music (e.g. “Quatuor de saxophones de Luxembourg”, “The Sax Players” on original Adolphe Sax saxophones) and in larger ensembles. He has recorded CDs in all these fields. Guy Goethals is reputed a fine saxophone teacher at the “Conservatoire” of Luxembourg.

The violinist Guy Goethals is the founder and concertmaster of the Chamber Orchestra “Estro Armonico”. This ensemble played about 500 concerts since 1992, mainly by accompanying choirs.