Travel Information

The Luxembourg airport Findel does not accommodate transatlantic flights or direct flights from Far East. This means that you need first to fly into one of the European capitals (Zürich, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Brussels, Paris, London) and then from there fly to Luxembourg. The Festival organizes pick up of the guests from Luxembourg  Findel airport ONLY.

Vianden has no railway station and can be reached only through the rail/bus combination.

If you ask for optional transportation from the Luxembourg airport  to  Vianden, deadline is June 30th (11:59 pm Central European time) , and you need to fill out and return our transportation form. This Service is free of Charge.

It is a group pickup spread over the entire day, with times and frequency of pickups being determined after all arrival/departure information has been received.

Persons (faculty, students, guests/visitors) submitted the Transportation form after the Deadline (June 30th) or wishing to use our Transfer service on other than official Arrival/Departure days, will be charged 30 euro per Transfer/Person and integrated in our bus Transfer only if there will be extra space available.

We encourage all participants who intend to use our bus transfer service, to submit the Transportation form rather earlier than at the very last moment.

The Festival can assist ONLY  on an official ARRIVAL (Monday, August 6) and DEPARTURE (Monday, August 20) DAYS, ONLY from the Luxembourg Findel airport and ONLY those who submitted transportation form ON TIME.  No exception will be made.

If you did not receive a confirmation regarding receipt of your Transportation form, this means that we did not receive it.

Those who submitted Transportation form, will be notified about pick-up arrangements shortly (2-4 days) before the arrival day.

It is a personal responsibility of Festival participants to make the travelling arrangements outside of an official arrival and departure days, from any other location, exept for Luxembourg airport,  or if they for whatever reason did not submit the transportation form.  

Please have an understanding, that we ARE NOT a travel agency  or 7/24 pick up Service, and are unable to provide travel information beyond what we uploaded on our website. Please use internet search engins or Travel agencies in your respective places of residency.

Travel Information is accepted ONLY via Transportation form; Information communicated via regular email will not be processed.

All students under age 14 should be accompanied by a parent or a guardian!!!

Travel instructions from Findel airport (Luxembourg) to Vianden.
1. Shuttle bus nr. 16 to Luxembourg railway station ( ca. 15-20 minutes ride)
2. Train to Ettelbruck (ca. 20-25 minutes ride)
3. Bus nr.570 to Vianden (ca. 20 minutes ride)

If you travel by Train to Luxembourg City and wish to join one of our bus Transfers from Luxembourg Findel airport, you will need to take a shuttle bus nr. 16 from Luxembourg railroad station to Findel first.

Here is a link to the high-end bus transportation to/from various airports :